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Cadillac Introduces Automatic Braking on the ATS, XTS and SRX

Cadillac has announced that three of its models are being offered with a new safety system that can automatically stop the vehicle in low-speed conditions to help avoid crashes. Cadillac's Front and Rear Automatic Braking acts like a "virtual bumper," slamming on the brakes as a last resort to help drivers in heavy traffic or even in parking lots and driveways where the driver might fail to see another vehicle or object in his path.


Automatic Front and Rear Braking is part of the new optional Driver Assist Package on the 2013 ATS sport sedan, XTS luxury sedan and SRX crossover. The system uses a network of sensors and advanced electronics to help drivers avoid crashes in low-speed conditions and reduce impact speed under higher speed circumstances.


"Radars, vision, and ultrasonic sensors in the vehicle are constantly analyzing data and working together to determine if a crash may be imminent," said Charles Green, the driver performance specialist responsible for the development of the Driver Assist Package technologies. "Based on these calculations, the vehicle can automatically brake to avoid a crash or reduce impact speed, and if necessary, can apply the vehicle's maximum braking capability."


We have spent eight years researching driver behavior which has been incorporated into the design of automatic braking in the Cadillac ATS, XTS, and SRX," said Green. "Our goal is to effectively provide an extra level of safety support while keeping the driver in complete control of the vehicle at all times."

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