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Fisker Holds the Largest Gathering of Fisker Karma Owners

Fisker Automotive for the first time hosted owners of its Karma sedan at the company's global headquarters in Anaheim, CA over the weekend, during an owner appreciation day. Karma owners from all over Southern California gathered Sunday to start their day at the Fisker of Orange County showroom in Irvine, where Henrik Fisker himself was ready to greet them, along with Richard Beattie, Chief Commercial Officer at Fisker Automotive, and Marcelo Sandoval, Sales Manager at Fisker of Orange County.


"This is the first formal Fisker owner event and we hope to have many more," said Henrik Fisker, Executive Chairman and Co-founder of Fisker Automotive. "Our team has worked hard to make Fisker the first to bring a car like the Karma to market. It was exciting to meet so many who share our vision of environmentally conscious cars that don't sacrifice power, style or performance."


Ross Larson from San Diego is an early Karma depositor and now an owner. "This was a fantastic event," he said. "As one of the first depositors I feel completely justified in buying my Karma, especially after meeting all the other owners and the Fisker team. The Karma is the only car that gives our family the luxury and style we can be proud of and removes us from being tied to the price of gas, which always seems to be going up."


"Southern Californians recognize the value of a car that perfectly fits their lifestyles," said Marcelo Sandoval, sales manager at Fisker of Orange County. "Everything about the Karma, from the solar panel roof to the Fisker logo of a sunset over the Pacific Ocean, represents the lifestyle we love so much." Sandoval was instrumental in organizing the event and bringing so many owners together.

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