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Scion to Kill off the Scion xB and xD Models

It's being reported that Toyota's Scion brand is going to discontinue the Scion xB and XD models. According to Wards Auto, the xB and xD will follow the same path as the discontinued Scion xA.

Scion originally launched in 2003 with the xA and xB models. When Scion launched, the brand had a "one and done" philosophy, which meant that each model would only live for one life cycle. The original xA followed this rule, but the Scion xB and tC have continued to live on. Now it looks like the original philosophy is back as Scion is going to say goodbye to the xB and Xd.


Scion Vice President Jack Hollis told Wards that the brand does not "have plans for a direct xB or xD replacement."

There's no word yet when the new Scion models will launch, but in the meantime at least we have the 2013 Scion FR-S.

Wards Auto

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