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Mercedes-Benz GLS to Take on the BMW X6 in 2014

According to the latest reports, Mercedes-Benz is planning a new SUV that will compete with BMW's X6, called the GLS. The Mercedes-Benz GLS is expected to launch in 2014 on the same unibody platform as the new third-generation M-Class.

An insider revealed to Autocar, "After closely monitoring sales trends, we've concluded there is potential for an additional off-road model with a more sporting emphasis than the new M-Class."

The GLS will basically be Mercedes' interpretation of the BMW X6, which will ditch the practicality of the five-seater M-Class for a crossover with a sportier roofline that only seats four passengers. The GLS will also face competition from the upcoming Audi Q6 and a new Range Rover Sport that is planned for 2013.


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