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BMW 3 Series GT to be a 4 Series Instead?

Spy photos surfaced last week of a next-gen BMW 3 Series, but with a different rear end than the previous sedan spy photos. It was predicted that this was our first unofficial view of the upcoming 3 Series GT. But, according to German magazine Auto Motor Und Sport, BMW intends on releasing a new 4 Series line and the car in the spy photos was actually a 4 Series and not a 3 Series GT.

It was already reported that BMW was planning on releasing a smaller version of the 5 Series GT as a 3 Series GT, but this new rumor is different. There have also been rumors that BMW has plans for a small coupe-like four door that would compete with the Audi A5 and the upcoming Mercedes baby-SLS, but are both these vehicles the same thing? Kinda confusing, especially since these are all just rumors.

What does hold more weight is that BMW is planning on releasing a four-door version of the 6 Series coupe along the lines of the Gran Coupe (pictured above) that will compete with the Mercedes CLS. The spy photos last week also confirmed that BMW intends on releasing a 3 Series version of the 5 Series GT, but what name it has is still up in the air...

Full Story: Auto Motor und Sport via BMW Blog

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